We are all Energetically Sensitive Children

Do you sometimes feel like you can really, really understand how people around you are feeling? That’s called being energetically sensitive, and it’s a super special way to experience the world. It’s like having a superpower that lets you feel more and understand people better.


But we know that it can sometimes be tough to have this superpower — it can make you feel a little overwhelmed or mixed up with so many feelings buzzing around. Some people might even give it other names like ADHD, Anxiety Disorders, or Autism. But here, we see it as your unique, loving way to connect with the world, a beautiful gift that needs to be cherished.


We are here to support you in understanding this beautiful trait in your children. This space is created to help you find joyful and fruitful ways to foster loving connections with your energetically sensitive children, aiding them in leading happy and successful lives.


Please take a wander around our website where you’ll find lots of resources and tools to help build strong, loving relationships with your little superheroes, and turn the challenges into strengths. Let’s work together to create a world where every child is understood and celebrated for who they are!



We invite you to explore this website to discover resources and tools designed to nurture loving relationships with your children, partner, friends, and essentially everyone in your circle. Here, we envision fostering environments where understanding supersedes fear, and acceptance replaces judgment, facilitating harmonious and fulfilling relationships.


What we do & how we can help you

  • Michael Simonson and his team offer private healing sessions to address your individual concerns.  Contact us here so we can discuss your needs.  
  • Workshops in person and online throughout the year – check our Events tab at the top of this page for the latest information or email  info@energeticallysensitivechild.com  so we can best help you find what you’re looking for. 
  • YouTube – We have excerpts of Michael’s talks and video testimonials on YouTube, have a look and then get in touch with your questions.  
  • Instagram – we also post our events and updates on Insta if you prefer to catch up with us there. 
  • Most importantly – we’re always willing to set up a consultation with you to address your particular circumstances and goals.  Contact us today to begin your path to healing.