A New Generation

A New Generation

Each generation of children coming into this world are more energetically sensitive than the previous one. We are going through great changes in this world, not only on a physical level but on a spiritual level. These children are genetically more advanced than those in previous generations. These “new generation” children will have more of their genetic coding switched on which will allow them to be more sensitive and connected to all life on all levels.

You will find in these children, genes in their DNA that their parents do not have. It is these extra genes that reflect the enhanced abilities of these children. The children of these children will be even more evolved. These evolutionary changes started several hundred years ago but it was not until around the middle of the 19th century that it started to accelerate. These changes in humanity will continue accelerating at a greater rate in each new coming generation.

All Life is Connected

All life on this planet is connected and communicates on nonphysical levels other than humanity. An aware being or spiritual being will hear voices and it is totally normal. Telepathy or mind to mind communication is a normal aspect of all life. Have you ever seen a flock of birds or a school of fish responds to a threat? All it takes is one to perceive a threat and all the other animals in the flock or school will respond instantly. Humanity used to be this way at one time. Over time, as fear became the prominent energy for most of humanity, utilizing these abilities were denied. As humanity shut down energetically, their DNA reflected these changes. These changes happened long before the recorded history of humanity. Humanity now is in the process of coming out of the darkness and back into the light.

Mind to Mind Communication

This has been experienced by many humans but has not been recognized or acknowledged for what it is. A mother will sense or know when one of their children is in trouble even when the child is not in their presence. Two lovers will find themselves knowing the thoughts of their partner without speaking. What allows this kind of connection to occur is the strong bond of love that exists between the individuals. The reason most of humanity does not have a conscious experience of this is simply the fact that the greater part of their consciousness is invested in the fears that rule their lives.