How we inspire one family at a time

Many of our clients who are children inspire us with their willingness to do the work independently with their parents and siblings. They have agreed to share their experiences with you with the intention of inspiring your own children to join in!  Children are powerful emissaries of the Light, and have great power to change the world.  Our job as adults is to give them the opportunity through helping them understand how to deal with the negative thoughts and energies that come into their experience, so they can master it and be a shining example to all.

Each of the audio clips on this page of children doing White Light exercises, are excerpts from their counseling sessions with Michael Simonson.  In these sessions, the children are taught how they create their reality with their thoughts, the consequences of positive and negative thinking, and how their thoughts not only affect themselves but those around them.In order for these exercises to be effective, it’s important that these children understand the energetic behavior of not only their consciousness, but how it connects them into the greater collective consciousness.

Many of the children Michael works with have a negative sense of themselves (lacking self-esteem), so it is important when working with such children to teach them who they really are; positive, loving, creative, intelligent, capable, and the masters of their minds and bodies when they choose to create from a positive loving place.

Michael teaches them that when they choose to create from a negative place, they deny the truth of who they really are (positive and loving), they destroy their ability to love and to be loved, to be creative, to be happy, and to be in control of their own minds and energies. When children are in this place you’ll find they have a difficult time focusing, following directions, and being receptive to teaching.  They will also be rebellious, have a difficult time being still in their bodies, and constantly on the go doing things because they are not in control of their own energies.

More often than not, Michael finds children have a great ability to understand these simple truths and as a consequence are able to shift their energies significantly through these simple energy exercises. In order for these exercises to be effective, the children as well as adults need to understand the true power of their thoughts, and how they create their reality with the thoughts they empower.

Michael teaches them that are totally responsible for the type of day and life they have through the choices that they make.

Listen to our young clients !

Four young sisters

Michael had the occasion to work with four young sisters, here is an audio clip from that session which has inspired many.


Mom & son

The following clip is one of our young friends doing a White Light exercise with his Mother.


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Brother & sister

The same boy from the Mom & son clip leads his younger sister in a White Light exercise.  Their mom had this comment to make:

“We are going to be able to come to Vermont as a couple to see you to further our healing of our family and our Cooper! Our Coop is doing so well, but we need more tools. Calahan, his younger brother, said he was scared that our house was haunted. Coop said, ‘Calahan, you just need to transmute it to the Light….let me help you’, and he did and they fell into a peaceful sleep. Soooo wonderful.”

-K.Rojas, Illinois, US


Water Lilly

Michael & his daughter

The following is part of a session between Michael and his Daughter, doing White Light together.

Fresh bamboo leaves over water

A Father and son

Another family sent us a conversation between one of our seven year old clients named William, and his Father over the telephone:

“Dad: What did you do today?

William: I went with Mom to see Michael and Deb.

Dad: Who?

William: You know, the White Light people.

Dad: The what people?

William: The White Light people who give out White Light!

Dad: What do you mean by White Light?

William: It’s loving energy Dad.”

And this is a comment from William’s Mother:

My son William is a sweet sensitive young boy who can be very reactive, angry, frustrated, and lonely. His father and I divorced when he was 3 years old. He hurts inside and wants to have a “normal” family like other kids. Two years ago I learned of Michael Simonson’s energy work and most recently began exposing my children to his energy work and scheduled sessions with Michael. Since William has become familiar with loving energy I have seen profound differences. His temper tantrums are now almost non-existent, and if he does throw a hissy fit, I ask him, “Are you being your true loving self?” and then the fit goes away. I have seen him give himself loving energy with his hands when he feels upset inside. His focus and respectfulness has improved hugely! Michaels’ energy work is easy to do and it is helping to bring our family together and our home a more peaceful happy environment.

-Tammy, William’s Mom