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Energetically Sensitive children share many common traits that when viewed from a conventional psychological or behavioral perspective may seem confusing and dissimilar.  These same traits when viewed from an Energy perspective can better be understood and developed in the child in a positive direction. Because of these children’s strong sensitivity to their environment, their ability to learn effectively on a practical level can be affected greatly due to the intense amount of negative energy in this world. A child who is dealing with a lot of negative thoughts and energies will have a difficult time focusing and as a consequence is often labeled with OCD, ADD, ADHD, etc.

The following are common traits of ES Children:

  • Exhibiting an awareness and understanding of situations that is beyond their years
  • Possessing wisdom and independence beyond their years
  • A strong-willed independent thinker who prefer to follow their own intuition as opposed to the dictates of others
  • Having a tendency to get into power struggles with authority figures when things do not go their way
  • Very gifted in many areas of endeavor but having a tendency to shut down to their abilities if they are in a negative or non supportive environment
  • Strong artistic ability and a desire to draw symbols and pictures they receive in their minds
  • A desire or awareness to help others
  • Strong empathic ability; extremely perceptive and intuitive around the emotional states of others and as a result can be affected in powerful ways by the emotional state of others in their experience
  • Awareness of the actions of others who are not in their space; strong telepathic ability
  • Awareness of future events
  • Ability to see nonphysical beings, auras or energy fields
  • “Zones out” at times and does not seem to be present in their body
  • Fear of the darkness
  • Strong connection to plants and animals
  • Extreme sensitivity to other energetic vibrational sources such as other people or electrically powered devices
  • Affected in powerful ways by the thought forms they open up to through other people and those that come their way through movies, music, video games and other media

Questions to determine if a child is Energetically Sensitive:

  • Does the child see themselves as your equal and act beyond their years?
  • Does the child have an intuitive awareness around how to do things?
  • Does the child question discipline and authority?
  • Does the child walk their own path instead of conforming to others around them?
  • Is the child extremely creative?
  • Is the child sensitive or allergic to certain foods?
  • Is the child affected by the emotions of others around them?
  • Does the child live in their own world at times especially when things are negative?
  • Is the child easily distracted at times?
  • Can the child focus at times with great intensity?
  • Does the child have information around things they have not experienced or been taught about?
  • Is the child interested in the nonphysical world or spiritual truths?