Winter Retreat in the White Mountains - February 2018


Dear Friends, you're invited to join Michael Simonson this February for a memorable experiential workshop to deepen your connection with yourself.  Michael leads us through an organic process of discussions, sharing, meditations, hands on healing and laughter.  He discusses his teachings in depth and follows the direction of the group and allows for thorough exploration and understanding.  For more about Michael’s work, please look through the articles on our website or watch his talks on our YouTube channel.  

Workshop details

Location: Frontenac Lodge, Plymouth NH 03264.
Dates: Thursday February 8th - Tuesday February 12th

Here are some details about the event!

  • 4 full days of teaching and two half days, Thursday evening through Tuesday morning.
  • Lunch and dinner included; rustic and whole foods made from scratch, regional specialties and local foods in season.  A dining questionnaire will be sent to you upon registration so we may plan with your preferences in mind.
  • Accommodation is available at the workshop site; rooms are shared, we provide this as an affordable way for you to participate and spend time with your extended family.  Breakfast included with accommodation.  We are at a new, larger location this year that can sleep 16+ overnight and has multiple large common rooms and common kitchen.  We have rented Frontenac Lodge which is a vintage ski lodge.  It’s at a secluded location in Plymouth, one minute drive to Main Street shops.
  • We encourage you to stay at the Lodge so you can be in immersion 24/7 during your stay, but understand that those living locally or those who prefer a private room may choose to stay elsewhere.  

The closest major airport is Manchester, NH but fares are generally better to Boston Logan, MA.  There is a bus run by Concord Coach that connects from Logan Airport to Plymouth, NH which departs twice daily.  The bus stop in NH is less than a five minute drive to the Lodge.  We may be able to help with short distance transpiration, you must arrange this in advance with us.  Plymouth is the largest town in the region, the local area is small town rural and oriented towards lake and mountain tourism.  Rental cars are available at the airports as well.  Most of our guests pool together and rent a car together, or take the bus to Plymouth.  

Teaching with lunch & dinner: $925.00
Lodging & breakfast:  $245.00

Payment schedule
To hold your reservation, we ask you make a deposit of $300 which is about 1/3 of the teaching cost.  
The remaining workshop portion can be made in installments, with the full balance due 7 days before the start of the workshop.  Please contact Deb if you would like to make other payment arrangements.   We have Paypal payment buttons setup on our website in the right sidebar.  If paying by Paypal, we will add 3% to the amount of any payment, unless you choose to use the Send Money feature where we incur no fees.  Payment also gladly accepted by check in the mail, or direct deposit into our Bank of America account.  Please contact Deb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our account information or to discuss alternate payment methods.  

General Schedule
Arrival on Thursday February 8 - Check in begins at 5pm.  Evening meal, talk and meditation to set the stage energetically for the workshop. 
Friday February 9 – Full day of teaching with meals. 
Saturday February 10 - Full day of teaching with meals.
Sunday February 11 – Full day of teaching with meals.
Monday February 12 – Full day of teaching with meals.
Tuesday February 12 – Morning meditation and talk, lunch, check out midday.


A Testimonial from Marianne

Marianne most recently attended our Summer Retreat in Vermont.  She has been working with Michael's teachings for many years, and you can read for yourself the profound effect her work has had on her life:

As with each workshop I have attended, this most recent one a few weeks ago is no different. With each one I come away with a greater awareness and understanding of who I am, how my thoughts affect my reality, and how I have the ability and knowing to choose and create my life from a loving and higher perspective.
My experience in this most recent workshop was magnificently profound for me, and brought me to a higher level of understanding and feeling of what Love is and how we are all connected. I understand now the depth of the love I have with every person who has come into my life and that all of my experiences come from this place of love within.
I no longer see my experiences as negative or positive but rather as learning opportunities to bring balance to my spiritual evolution. I am 100% responsible for all that has, does and will happen in my life and I have learned and continue to learn to embrace all my life’s experiences without judgement or blame.
The most awesome thing for me is that I now have control over my thoughts in the sense that I have  grown in my awareness of them and consequently, with the tools Michael teaches, I no longer stay stuck in the negative emotions or feelings, for as I now know, I am a loving being. Therefore, I can choose to connect to that aspect of my self, thereby shifting my thoughts about my experiences and seeing and feeling the love and learning opportunities in all that I do and think.
Michael’s workshops are fun with lots of joy and laughter, good food and amazing people. The energy of love and acceptance among the participants is palpable and not only is there much to learn from Michael there is also much to learn from each person in attendance. Michael holds a wondrous space, along with his wife Deb, to allow each one of us to feel safe, loved, and understood.
I have made good friends with my sisters and brothers attending these workshops and always enjoy seeing the old ones and meeting new ones who are on this path of having a strong desire to discover the truth of who they are and take responsibility for all their choices in life.
In short, Michael’s teachings have been life transforming and the best part is that I do not need Michael or anyone else to fix me. I now have the ability, awareness, and understanding to take care of my self and be the unlimited, all knowing, creative, loving being that I am.

With Love and Light from the ESC Team



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