Michael Simonson is coming to San Francisco/Bay Area in January 2020 and is available for evening talks throughout the area during the following dates:

Monday January 20th through Thursday, January 24th.
(Unavailable during the weekend workshop for Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th)
Monday January 27th through Wednesday January 29th.

How can we help you?

Michael can spend 1-2 hours + speaking depending on your venue and needs of your group.  Michael has been an energy healer for over 30 years and has a wide variety of experiences delivering his message in many types of settings.  Here is a short list of what he would be happy to present on depending on your areas of interest:

  • Techniques and tools around living and excelling in this world as a sensitive person
  • Tools for parents, young children and teens to understand the energetic dynamics of their relationships with the intention of bringing love and greater awareness to all 
  • How our thoughts create our reality and how we can become aware of this process and master our thoughts and thereby create the life we desire 
  • For educators: how to increase harmony in the classroom and best support students and enable their readiness to learn
  • For those living with PTSD: an energetic understanding of what you are experiencing along with providing tools and techniques that will allow you to get into a place of mastering your fears
  • For those living with ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, OCD and related conditions, Michael can offer you his unique and empowering perspective on your experiences, and provide tools to regain mastery over your thoughts and feelings
  • Guided global peace meditation to enhance the positive loving energies of this world, 45 minutes to 1 hour long
  • Michael is happy at any time to answer questions from the group about their personal journeys and experiences

Our intention in providing these talks is to uplift each participant and assist in deepening their awareness of themselves and the greater world.  


Do you easily pick up on the thoughts and feelings of others no matter where you are?  Would you describe yourself as sensitive or energetically sensitive?  Do you become overwhelmed at times with your own thoughts and feelings and those of others?  Michael offers a different perspective on your experiences than what you may have heard before, and provides clear and simple tools and techniques to embrace and master these attributes within ourselves.  Over time and practice of Michael’s techniques we become the masters of our lives instead of life being our master!

Attend a talk and then go deeper during our weekend workshop!




Energy exchange varies depending on the location, please review the information for each venue.  

Please contact Deb at workshops@energeticallysensitivechild.com to host a talk at your home or venue, and for registration and further details on these events.