The Mind + Body Connection

The brain is an organ that is not understood at this time by many. Scientists say that the brain is not utilized fully. This is simply because most of humanity is shut down spiritually or energetically.

We do not store information in the brain, rather information is stored in our energy field. Our energy field is multidimensional. The brain is an organ that connects our higher energetic fields together with our lowest energetically expressed energy field, the physical body. You can think of it as it inter-dimensional two-way transceiver. Information or energy is channeled through the brain to the various energy bodies (see below).

When a person chooses to become more spiritually aware or energetically aware they will find their brain being utilized to a greater degree than someone who is spiritually or energetically shut down as is most of humanity. Someone who is creative will find their brain being utilized more so simply because they are connecting to their greater self or their spiritual body. Our DNA is a reflection of our consciousness. When someone chooses to open up energetically they will find their DNA reflecting those changes.

Following is a brief description of each of our energy bodies:

  • The Physical body is the densest form in our energetic makeup and it allows our spirit to access this physical world. The physical body even though it is perceived as being physical is an energy field.
  • The Etheric body is a nonphysical energy field that is the template for the physical body or energy field. All illness or disease on a physical level will be reflected in this body.
  • The Emotional body is a nonphysical energy field where we store all of our emotions and feelings. Our emotions and feelings determine what type of person we are. They determine how we interact with other people.
  • The Mental body is a nonphysical energy field where we store our beliefs and is empowered by our thoughts.
  • The Spiritual body is a nonphysical energy field where we are guided by our morals, sense of right and wrong, and our desire to grow spiritually. This body encompasses all of the other energy bodies.

Understanding Emotions and Energies

The brain functions as a bridge between the various energy bodies. Information is stored in all of these bodies.

If a person lives in fear (anger, sadness, guilt, frustration, loneliness, resentment, hatred etc.) then they will find their energetic bodies becoming very negative and their brain hardwired (neural pathways) to the negative energies in their various energy fields.

All emotions are a consequence of the thoughts that a person empowers. Anytime someone allows fear to rule their consciousness it requires them to be dis-empowered in order for their creations (fears) to be their master.

Fear is an energy that will always take on a life of its own and when this happens a person will find themselves responding from these negative places without thinking. This is because the fears that rule their experience are imprinted in their energy field and their neural pathways in the brain are structured to reflect negative thinking.

Most people, because they are spiritually dis-empowered function from a physical level and hence their physical body (energy field) controls their energetic experience. Therefore, their physical body has the most control over their energetic field which amounts to very little control if any. A spiritually aware person will function from their higher bodies and of course when they function from this level they have control over the totality of their energetic field on this level. When a person functions from this place they will find that they will be able to see energy fields and energy beings.

When many energetically sensitive children come into this world they function from their higher bodies which allow them to be perceptive to the nonphysical elements of this reality. For example, a child may be playing by themselves and talking to nonphysical beings and their parent will say who are you talking too? The child will say they are talking to so-and-so and because the parent does not perceive that energy or entity or entities they will say it is imaginary. Because most children see their parents as all-knowing they will buy into that belief that it is their imagination. As a consequence they will start shutting down to their abilities to perceive the nonphysical reality that we are all part of.