Parents and Children

Parents and Children 

The most powerful energetic links children have in this world are with their parents and family. Because of this, it is vitally important that parents understand that whatever fears rule their experience are shared with their children twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Whatever thought forms parents experience in live their day-to-day lives are the thought forms they share with their children. If a parent or parents allow fear and judgment to rule their hearts, then that is what they also teach their children to do.

Energetically sensitive children have not yet learned how to shield themselves from the fears that come through the links from their own parents.  These children also pick up on fears that are held by all the people their parents are connected to on the level of fear, so you can imagine it can be a very overwhelming amount of external fears that a child is required to deal with.

When an adult carries a lot of judgment, anger, expectations, resentment or any other negative, fear-based emotion, their children share directly in those negative energies.  Whatever you think about you link to on an energy level, so if your thoughts are negative, then you link and share in all the negative energies and thought forms that reflect whoever and whatever you are thinking about within the planetary consciousness.

The Damaging effects of being in Judgment

For example, imagine that you wake up in the morning feeling wonderful, peaceful, rested or energized.  Then you think about your ex, or someone in your experience you hold a lot of judgment or anger around.  The minute you move into this place you turn on the energetic links you have with this other person. Now, from this perspective, you judge people who are coming from a negative place in their lives. When we judge someone who is in a negative place we share in their negative thoughts and energies. As soon as you allow this to happen, you will find your life force flowing from your energy field into the person you are in judgment of through these links you have created. You will find your energies or your vibrations dropping and the other person will find theirs increasing. You will also find yourself now experiencing whatever negative thought forms are ruling this other person’s experience. The longer you stay in this place you will find yourself experiencing a lack of energies and drive, health problems, general lethargy, etc. 

The Collective Consciousness and Highly Sensitive Children

Many of the children coming into this world are at a higher energy level or vibration than their parents. You could think of this as evolution, for that’s certainly what it is, and this pattern of vibrational increase is continuing with each generation. This means that children today are more energetically sensitive and open to the collective consciousness and all life in this world than children of generations past.  This is not an easy world for these children because of the fears that most adults empower.  Also, the simple fact that we now have approximately 7 1/2 billion people in the world makes existence a challenge for these children since the vast majority of humanity is living in fear.  You will find that many of these children are more sensitive to energies/thought forms than their parents.

Because there is not a very high level of understanding among the masses regarding the effects of thought forms and energies, these children are misdiagnosed and not understood.  Because the greater part of their energies are invested in dealing with the negativity in the world, their ability to function in the physical world is greatly diminished. This leads to the application of many of the labels that we place upon these children in an attempt to define their emotional states and learning patterns. 

Choosing to Live In Love

All emotions that we experience are a consequence of choices that we empower. We are the masters of our own experience, thoughts and actions.  Whenever a person allows fears to manifest within their consciousness and control them, it requires them to be dis-empowered in order for those fears to be their master. Anyone who is in fear is someone who is not in control of his or her own consciousness.  When parents are ruled by fear then you can expect their children to also experience the same. This is why it is important not to judge any person or situation, for whatever you stand in judgment of, you also support energetically.

Nourishing our Bodies with Positive Energy

Besides food and water, our physical bodies also require energy, which we receive through our energy centers located in our spiritual bodies.  Our spiritual selves can also be thought of as our soul, higher selves, Source or whatever you choose to perceive as your greater self, which is your nonphysical spiritual or energetic self.  Whenever we allow fear to rule our experience we restrict our ability to draw on Source energies to maintain a healthy immune system. There is a gland in your physical body at the base of each of your energy centers, and these glands are empowered by the energies that come through your energy centers. If they do not receive the energies they need, they will not produce the chemicals and hormones your body requires to be healthy, vibrant and resilient.

Living with Negative Energy

When people allow fear to be their master, their ability to draw on their own Source energies is greatly diminished and they will find their health being compromised as a consequence.  People living in this way will unconsciously supplement their energies from other sources.  As like energy attracts like energy and connects to like energy, such people are able to link into the energy fields of everyone in their experience that are also carrying similar fears.  This is the way many people get around this lack of energy, which would affect their health in a negative way, simply because of all the judgments other people have around them.  Many people simply feed off of the life force of everyone who judges them, which allows them to have a much higher energy level and a healthier body than they would have, if people did not judge them.

Whatever person or situation you judge is one that you are supporting energetically and the way you support that is through your own life force.  It is impossible to love when you come from a place of judgment for whatever reason. This world would be a much happier, positive loving place if there were no judgments!

The importance of non-judgment between Parent and Child

When a person says “I love my children” yet judgment rules their heart, they are simply fooling themselves.  Their intent is to love their children but because of the fears that rule them, all their children receive from them is fearful and negative energy. This of course is very confusing to a child on a mental and emotional level.  Whenever someone is bombarded by negative energies or thought forms, their first response is to shut down to whoever is sending them those energies. This is why some of these energetically sensitive children shut down to their parents and the greater world.  So if you want your children to be open to you and to trust you, then master any judgments or fears that are ruling your experience. As soon as you do that you will find whatever walls your children have established as protection from you will come down simply because you are now choosing to love.  Whenever you choose love, others in your experience will have a great desire to open up to you in sharing your energies.