I have known Michael Simonson for over fifteen years and during that time have witnessed his extraordinary abilities as an Energy Practitioner with children and adults alike.  I met Michael Simonson for the first time on Wednesday, April 4, 1996. The date is etched into my memory because it proved to be one of the most important days of my life.  Four months after working regularly with Michael, the symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome disappeared.   After one private energy session I asked him if he would be my teacher and accept me as a student. When he agreed to this I was privileged to attend his energy counseling appointments as part of my studies, and witnessed countless clients over the years benefit tremendously from Michael’s energy work.

On a personal note, I suffered from migraine headaches for 38 years, but am now free of them thanks to Michael’s energy work and teachings. He has transformed my life and has shown me that when I change my thinking and attitude, I change the reality I have been experiencing.I have also seen Michael work with dozens of children such as an eight year old child who was incredibly violent, abusive, and totally out of control.  After working with Michael, this young boy became a calm, peaceful child who is now at age level (11 years old) mentally and emotionally, loving, capable of learning in school, and in control of his emotions without the use of drugs.  Before Michael entered this child’s life it was clear to see that once he was older his rages could easily have lead him to life in an institution.  I speak from experience because I was a teacher for 31 years and have had thousands of children pass through my hands during that time.  

Michael has the ability to tap into people’s fears, and thus help them turn their lives around. Unlike a medical doctor who either treats the physical body or the emotions, Michael works with the whole person, dealing with the physical, mental and emotional bodies of each and every client.  Those of us whose lives Michael has touched so profoundly are forever grateful. To attend one of his guided meditations, energy sessions, or workshops is not only a privilege but an awe inspiring and fun filled experience.

Since that significant night over fifteen years ago, I have attended all of Michael’s workshops because he always has something new to impart which I haven’t heard before even though I have been privy to many of his energy sessions. He brings a delightful sense of humor to his work so laughter is always part of any experience with him.   I feel very fortunate to have had an opportunity to spend time and work with this remarkable Energy Practitioner.Parents who feel they have “lost” their energetically sensitive children, and who are at their wits end to know how to cope with them and do what is best for them, could have their children “returned” to them as loving human beings with Michael’s expertise as an Energy Practitioner.

I know of no one else who has such extraordinary abilities as this man who works tirelessly for endless hours a day to help other people.

Gillian Davies – Vernon, British Columbia


To Whom It May Concern:

For several months now, Michael has been helping my family in the realm of mental health services.  My 10 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, multiple anxiety disorders, and non-verbal learning disability.  Her symptoms were severe and drastically impacted all aspects of her life.  Prior to meeting Michael, we spent several years and several thousands of dollars seeking help for our daughter  from alternative medicine.  We utilized such services as naturopathy,  kinesiology, osteopathy,  homeopathy, and functional medicine with little lasting effect.  

We then moved onto a more conventional, allopathic approach to our daughter’s conditions.  Over the course of several years we worked with 4 different psychiatrists, a developmental pediatrician, a psychologist who specialized in treating OCD, 2 physical therapists, 3 occupational therapists and several social workers.  We tried many psychotropic medications.  My daughter’s condition rapidly worsened.  She was getting bigger and her impulsive behaviors and rage episodes were getting dangerous.  We feared that hospitalization was inevitable.  We were desperate and were unaware of other options.  I

t was at this low and desperate point that we were introduced to Michael.  I had learned that his services, consisting of a unique form of energy work, had been extremely effective in helping adults and children with a multitude of diagnoses, including those of my daughter.  While Michael’s treatment methods were unconventional and new to our family, we were open to exploring his approach.  We began to learn about energies and about how negative energies affect my daughter, as she is particularly energy sensitive.  We learned that as we shift our thoughts and actions to come from a more positive place, and do so consistently, we begin to change neural pathways within the brain, which is key to changing behavioral patterns.  

Since we began working with Michael, my daughter has slowly improved.  We are now able to take her out in public with us (something we hadn’t been able to do for over 9 months prior to beginning this work). She is learning how to celebrate her challenges and see them as an opportunity  to practice what she is learning.  When she does the meditations Michael has been teaching us, she has more control over thoughts and behaviors.  She is no longer exhibiting behaviors which are dangerous to herself or others.  While there is still much work to be done, we consider this to be an enormous accomplishment and contribute it directly to this work we are doing with him.   As a result, we have begun to wean my daughter off of her psychiatric medications which seem to exacerbate her symptoms, provide no relief, and have the potential for some heavy side effects.  

Michael has not only been an amazing help to my daughter but has helped me immensely as well.  In the short time we have worked together.  I have made more progress improving unhealthy relationships, than I had in many years of pastoral counseling and psychotherapy .   I am noticeably less anxious and feel empowered to make healthy choices for myself and my children.  I would also like to note that he has not asked for payment of any kind from our family.  He is aware of our current financial constraints and has chosen to help us at no charge.  This has been an incredible and rare gift.

I know for a fact there are other parents, other children in this country who are feeling like their lives are out of control and they have exhausted all known options.  Michael offers an alternative approach to mental health care that cannot be easily found, if at all, in this country.  There are plenty of energy workers, to be sure, but to the best of my knowledge, most do not provide intensive teaching around the inner work necessary to change ingrained behaviors as Michael Does. He also provides a tremendous amount of support via daily phone calls/e-mails throughout the healing process.    He is dedicated to his work and committed to the people he helps.  He is professional, patient, and respectful.  His work is unique, powerful, and so necessary.

Heidi – Damariscotta, Maine