The Power of a Good Teacher

This article is applies to everyone who works with or associates with children on any level be it parents, teachers, bus drivers, counselors, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, caregivers, janitors in the school, etc.

Teachers open windows to the world

Teachers in schools have a great responsibility, because the children they teach are learning about the world and how to interact with it. Every child has its own unique life experiences that affect their energies and the way they interact with everyone else. Teachers and students communicate with one another in many different ways, both on a physical and non-physical level. The ideal instructor is stable and loving and does not allow their personal beliefs to influence what they teach or how they go about teaching it. Children are wide open on an energy level, so are easily influenced by their instructors’ energies. There is not only an energy exchange between the teacher and an individual student, but there is also one between the students themselves. It is the mindset of the individuals concerned that determines the energies.It is important to understand that teachers can have a profound impact on children in positive ways, but they can also affect children in a negative way.

The Teacher who loves children, and loves teaching

The teacher who loves children and loves teaching, creates the largest impact on their students, because the energies they radiate to them are positive and loving.  Links are created on an energy level to each child that reflects the intent and energies of the instructor. This in turn causes many of the children to feel safe and secure in this environment, and as a consequence they endeavor to excel in their school work. They respond in this way to remain in the teacher’s favor, because they enjoy being in the instructor’s presence (energies). A loving teacher is always intuitively aware of the needs of the individual, and adjusts their teaching style accordingly, in order to accommodate them.

What happens when a Teacher teaches without love?

Any teacher who has an unhappy home life will have negative energies. Those who have strong belief systems and feel the need to express them in the classroom will also have negative energies, because they will stand in judgment of any student whose parents hold different views to their own. Judgment occurs when someone is coming from a negative place and does not honor the free will of others. When this happens, the instructor’s associations with their pupils becomes tainted with anger instead of being guided by love, even if the teacher does not actually express the anger on a physical level. Consequently, their judgments will have a negative effect on their students.
Insecurities increase in children who come from dysfunctional homes, when they are in the presence of teachers who hold a lot of anger inside them, because they have to exert a lot of mental and emotional energy in order to deal with the teacher’s negative energy. This in turn inhibits their ability to learn what is being presented to them.

Children and Energy

A child from a positive, happy and loving home will experience joy in a loving classroom setting, and learning will be fulfilling for them. They will also find it easy to express their creative abilities, in addition to learning what is taught academically. The energy exchange between instructor and student will be positive, and as a consequence their experiences together will be uplifting.
Children from dysfunctional homes on the other hand will respond in several different ways. Some will enjoy being with a positive, loving teacher, because their classroom will be the only place where they feel safe, understood and loved. They too will endeavor to do well in school so the teacher does not reject them or withdraw their love.

Many of these children however, will have difficulty learning anything, because fear rules their existence. This is due to the fact they expend a great deal of their mental and emotional energy dealing with their fears, thus negating and overwhelming any information they are given, causing them to be unable to absorb what they are taught. Children with learning disabilities find it easier to learn in a loving environment, because they no longer have to focus on the fears which govern most of their experiences in life. Consequently the safer they feel, the more open they become to learning new things.

When some insecure children are treated with love and respect in school, it has a profound impact on them in their life in general as well. It boosts their self-esteem and confidence not only in the classroom, but outside it as well. When a teacher comes from a place of love, they have the ability to speak directly to the essence/inner self of those they are teaching, enabling them to open to their own essence; a being of love. It also allows them to access their own unlimited creativity. A few kind words from a teacher can totally change a student’s life, and will cause them to develop a respect for their mentor which they will never forget. A loving exchange of energies always produces a positive and uplifting effect for everyone involved.

The Energy Dynamics of the Classroom

We are all part of a collective consciousness on this planet, and this in turn is composed of many smaller ones, as a result of the different beliefs people embrace, causing them to stand in judgment of one another. Similarly the teacher and students in the classroom, also form their own collective consciousness within the greater collective consciousness of the world in general.
When a teacher loves, the teacher radiates that energy to their pupils, and the pupils respond in the same manner. These positive energies will then form a small collective consciousness which will affect the group in powerful ways. When the instructor has an open mind they model this to those they teach, and the students emulate them. This then becomes a blessing not only for the youngsters but for humanity. Both the teacher and students will experience life in the classroom as uplifting and joyful, and the latter’s ability to learn will be greatly enhanced. The children will then be able to link to their own inner selves and access their own innate knowledge and creativity.

Conversely, when the instructor comes from a negative place, the energies of the classroom’s collective consciousness is also negative. This makes it difficult for the students to learn, due to the negativity they feel on a mental and emotional level. Some of the students will learn to deal with life situations from the negative modeling of the instructor, but over time the collective energies will become more negative, which will take all the joy out of teaching and learning for all concerned.

Our thoughts determine our energy state. When they are negative, our energies go into the darkness and create links to those on both the physical and non-physical levels who are also resonating to negative thinking.

Teachers hold positions of immense power, which brings a lot of responsibility with it. When they understand this they are a blessing to their community and their value is priceless. Most children are energetically wide open and are therefore easily influenced and manipulated by adults and those in authority. Any instructor who is ruled by fear would be well served to seek healing so that their fears are not passed on to their students.