I have attended five ESC workshops and each one is profound, enlightening, educational, and more than anything, makes me very aware of my conscious self- my true self- the love and light creator I AM. Now I am able to live my life from that loving place and when I choose to explore duality (negative energy) I am able to recognize it, celebrate it, release it to white light, and send it to my higher self as a chosen experience. I am happier, healthier, and lighter.


As much as I learn from these workshops, nothing made it more “real” to me than an auto reply email I got from a distant friend last night. The subject was titled, “Jahrun, Curious Explore of Infinite Realms”. Jahrun (aka Dennis Morgan). I opened it to find that on July 11, 2012 he transitioned from this realm. He was 46. In the two and half years I have known him and even before our meeting, he was a being who had strong opinions and even stronger desires to “change the world” for the good. He saw the world as a place full of beautiful “possibilities”, however first full of corruption, faults, and poison. He had many soap boxes he stood on to point out how the government, schools, medical system, environment, mother, ex-wife, and more where hurting us, his children, and himself!!!!!! He was so full of anger, fear, and big health issues. 


Before I started these workshops with Michael, I was right there with him on those soap boxes. Then in the April 2012 workshop with Michael, he pointed out to a teenager who “claimed” to love animals very much and wanted to become a veterinarian, that if she is full of anger or judgment toward those who don’t take care of animals that she too is hurting those animals with her anger. This realization, “if we stand in judgment instead of love we hurt those we claim to love” really hit home for me and my “love” for the environment. After that workshop I found myself connected to a new soap box, the “Love Soap Box”. So now when I find myself on a “Judging Soap Box” I do a jig on it in celebration that I explored that duality, release it- transmuting it to white light, then giving it to my high self as a chosen experience. Then I jump onto the “Love Soap Box” and give that someone or thing a big hug of love. I know that I am here to create and explore. I have done a GREAT job creating negative energy. I see what that has done for myself and others around me. I now choose to create with love and see what comes from that. 


After that workshop with Michael, I emailed Jahrun to share the ESC website and all its great information with him. I told him how I woke up to myself and what my judgments where doing to those I claim to love and myself. I am not sure if he really looked at it.  He directed me to a blog he created with more negative energy and a video of himself judging. I never looked at it till I got the auto reply email about his transition. When I started to look at his blog and other sites he “connected” himself to I got this incredible visual of his body having oodles of electrical cords coming out of it in all directions. Each cord was connected to all those systems and people he has or was judged. There was a very clear picture of the vibration of anger, fear, pain, disease, and hurt flowing back and forth through these cords. This was also a cool thing to witness as he was always saying to me that he was so sensitive to the vibration of electricity, cell service, computers, and other similar currents. Now I see clearly that he was sensitive to the vibration of the negative energies coming through these cords.  Cords, that on a soul level, he was choosing to be connected to so he could explore duality. What a powerful creator he was/is. It is so amazing to SEE this. It really helps me to experience Michael’s teaching on a whole other level. THANK YOU Jahrun! In your transition you have been a GREAT teacher for me. You did a hell of a job being a, “Curious Explorer of Infinite Realms”. I am very blessed to have known you. See you on the inner-plains dear friend!!!!!!  And again THANK YOU Michael. You are a wonderful teacher!  


Namaste – Daniele Ippoliti