It has been my honor and thrill to attend a series of 3 workshops so far in 2011, presented by Michael Simonson and Laurie Ferris, about energetically sensitive children, energy and understanding consciousness.


Each time the energy of the workshop has represented the energies of the people who were there and lessons we needed to learn or at least ponder. I have learned much about myself, other people in my world, and about the children of today’s world whom I am here to help. the use of white light energy exercises which we have learned about is amazingly and instantly helpful to students using it at Hunter school . It is a way to constantly connect and feed ourselves expansive source energy, and choose to easily live more and more gracefully in a state of love and positivity.


I am learning to guard my thoughts, master my fears and judgments, honor free will in others and to thank those people in my life who have been my best teachers. I look forward to attending future workshops and to continue sharing all I have learned with as many children and adults as I can in order to spread light and love to the consciousness of mankind and our planet, and beyond. I have learned how powerful I am when I focus and know that energy follows intent… Thus I carefully choose the energy of the words I speak in order to say my messages with a loving and positive feel. I know I have already made an impact on the lives of many over the past 30 years in my work with children of all ages and abilities.


Now with all the additional vantage points I know about now for using white light energy, the impact I can have with children (as well as the level of teaching they will be able to show me) has grown even more!  Thanks very much Michael and Laurie for creating these workshops which are happening with perfect timing during this period of unprecedented change and evolution in the energies of our world!


Kim Nadeau, Speech Language Pathologist, North Hampton NH