My drive home from the workshop given by Michael Simonson and Laurie Ferris went very quickly for me as I was excited to continue practicing what I had learned.   Feeling fully energized, entertained and immersed in monitoring my own thoughts, I took each one and put the light of awareness on it.  The process is healing on multiple levels, empowering, and creative!   I am grateful that as we opened to the light, our fears and limiting beliefs were brought out naturally during the workshop, and Michael assisted us through this process while the group also supported the process. It was beautiful.


Back to the drive, I was truly amazed at how the majority of thoughts that just seemed to pop into my head were fear based. Most of which were so very subtle they could have easily gone unnoticed. This was an eye opener for me because I thought I was an overall “positive person” prior to the workshop and was really attending


the workshop out of desperation to help me with my energetically sensitive child, inspired by Laurie’s success story.


Michael and Laurie’s workshop and discussions have led me to see my son in a new light which is refreshing from the gloom and doom that I had a hard time seeing through prior to the workshop. I was constantly judging my son and worrying all the time. I did so because my son’s behaviors were very troubling and violent.   I have felt like I have been in an endless cycle of managing crisis and chaos in my home while coming from a very guarded worrisome and fearful place that I thought was being proactive!


There were countless invaluable, fun and enlightening moments for me during the weekend workshop and I clearly received many wonderful and useful tools that have empowered me and continue to assist me in my self- development/soul evolution in which I am extremely grateful for.


The group as a whole was very supportive of one another and I benefited by their truthfulness and openness as they were often mirrors reflecting back to me similarities of my own experiences/fear based beliefs. I felt myself growing spiritually alongside them.  Most of all I am grateful and inspired to have met Michael and Laurie


as they are truly remarkable, loving, kind, and generous souls.


With a magnificent vision and with loving intentions and dedication they assist others,  (empowering both adults and children) to take responsibility for their own (energy) lives  so they too can transform their life experience to be more love based vs. fear based and by doing so benefit the collective consciousness of humanity. Michael humbly speaks great truths from an enlightened place and helps others to see that they too can do the same.  For the first time,  I feel I am crawling up out of this dark cave and bringing my son with me into the light.   


With Love and Light,


Rebecca – Long Island, New York