My experiences working with Michael

This article was written by Catherine Wyatt, Michael’s assistant, in response to the many inquiries she received through Facebook regarding him and his work.

“This is Catherine, Michael Simonson’s assistant, and during the past few months Michael has engaged more with various social media, on Facebook in particular, sharing his thought-provoking posts and comments, in addition to his sense of humor. This grew spontaneously on his personal page, where there isn’t much information in regards to his professional work and, as a result I have received many inquiries about who Michael is and what it is that he offers.

There are many titles that could describe him professionally: Energy Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Councilor, Life Coach, though Michael would describe himself simply as a teacher. He has been working with children, teens, and their families, as well as individuals from a variety of professions, world-wide for over 28 years.  In addition to a busy private practice, he offers day-long, weekend, and week-long workshops throughout the year on both the east and west coasts of the US. He created and piloted the first Energy Program at the Hunter School, and has been a guest lecturer at various schools talking about how energy affects all of us, in particular our children.

From my perspective, Michael’s teachings give us an opportunity to understand the mechanics of how energy works, that our thoughts are energy, and that we create our lives moment to moment, with our energies. Thanks to the scientific community, there is much already written about the fact that all matter is energy, vibrating at particular frequencies. Some healing traditions (e.g. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda) are built on the acknowledgement of the energy centers in our bodies and working with them to benefit peoples’ health. Michael offers the opportunity for an empowered intellectual understanding about the mechanics of energy, an increased kinesthetic experience of what it means to be an energetic being, as well as accepting responsibility for creating one’s life experiences. Through working with Michael, I now know it is my choice whether or not to empower myself in this way, my life is truly in my own hands, or more precisely, in my energies.

Michael is not interested in fixing or healing people, likewise, he doesn’t care whether anyone likes, understands, or agrees with what he says. His power as a teacher, together with the power of a student who is willing to take responsibility for their choices and fully commit to their growth, is unlimited. I have remembered that I am unlimited. I have healed and changed more in the last two years, while focusing on, thinking about and putting into practice his teachings, than in the 30 years prior.  In the past I looked for solutions in various psychological therapies, spiritual teachings, shamanic rituals/healings/journeys, books, workshop leaders and anyone who seemed to have it “together”.  I now know myself as all of these things. We are all healers. We are all One and have access to all of Creation.

Michael speaks about the true meaning of Love, the truth of who we are in our essence, and offers some tools that create opportunities to become aware of the fears that are ruling our lives. It is these fears that we empower with our thoughts and actions that keep us from connecting with and accessing all that we are: intelligent, creative, wise, truthful, all knowing, unlimited, walking, talking Light machines, walking, talking Love machines. Instead we believe our fears and become puppets to these fears, consistently reacting to life’s situations from these fear-based beliefs.

I invite you to check out what Michael has to say, think about it, and decide for yourself. One of the greatest gifts you could give yourself, your family, the world is a session with Michael and the opportunity to remember who you really are.”