Understanding Energies, Consciousness and being Energetically Sensitive

In his workshops, Michael will discuss with you topics of vital importance to all sensitive people, including:

  • Understanding the energetically sensitive infant, child, teenager and adult.
  • Understanding how to relate to everyone in your experience from a place of love.
  • Discover your authentic soul – the truth of who you really are and why you are here.
  • Understanding how thoughts are energy and how they affect your ability to love, to be loved.
  • Understanding the power of your thoughts and how they create and control your creative experiences both positive and negative.
  • Understanding the energetic links in your life’s experience on all levels, how they affect you on all levels, your ability to experience who you are and who you are not.
  • Understanding all the different ways you can sabotage your ability to truly love those you profess to love.
  • Understanding and mastering judgment so that you may link to the truth of who you are and experience life from an empowered, loving and abundant place.
  • Learning to embrace negative thoughts and energies from the conscious mind which allows you to become the master of your own experience.

Michael will share with you tools that will empower you to:

  • Work with children at home, school and in social settings.
  • Understand who you are and why you exist.
  • Embrace and transmute your negative experiences and receive the gifts from them.
  • Energy exercises to clear your personal energy field, home, workplace or any space you find yourself in.
  • Use energy exercises to protect children in your care on an energy level so they may be free to be themselves without outside interference.
  • Release and transmute negativity from your own experience and the understanding of the gifts these experiences afford you.
  • Sever all negative links in your experience from others on all levels so that you are free to utilize your energy in your creative choices without having it being siphoned off feelings of negativity to others in your experience.
  • Heal relationships between parents and children, couples in relationships, and all relationships in your life so that you are free to experience life from a place of love on all levels.

Michael will demonstrate how he utilizes simple energy techniques and energy exercises to:

  • Empower yourself to embrace, accept and transcend your fears.
  • Control your thoughts, your energies and the energetic links you have with those around you and ultimately the greater collective consciousness.
  • Incorporate “white light exercises” to transform your energies on all levels to allow yourself to experience who you really are.
  • Connect with the totality of who you are and consequently utilize the knowledge, the wisdom and creative energies.