The Mechanics of Energies and Consciousness-Weekend Workshop
*********************** MARCH 12-14 2021 *************************
Michael will do a guided meditation to assist you in opening up energetically so that you may receive the maximum benefit from the workshop at 7 PM Friday night.
At the end of the meditation to open you up energetically for the workshop Michael will also do a global peace meditation.
Michael will share his knowledge and experience to assist you in:
Understanding the energetic mechanics of consciousness and how we connect to all life through the state of our consciousness.
How the state of your consciousness not only affects you mentally, emotionally and physically but everyone else you are connected to your life’s experience and ultimately all life in this world.
Understanding how to relate to everyone in your experience from a place of love through understanding how to master your fears which destroys a person’s ability to create from a place of love.
How to become the master of your life instead of life being your master.
Discovering your authentic self – the truth of who you really are and why you are here.
Understanding how thoughts are energy and how they affect your ability to love, to be loved.
Understanding the power of your thoughts and how they create and control your creative experiences both positive and negative.
Understanding the energetic links in your life’s experience on all levels, how they affect you on all levels and everyone in your family and in your co-creative experiences with everyone in your life.
Understanding all the different ways you can sabotage your ability to truly love those you profess to love.
Understanding all the different ways people destroy their ability to be one with the truth of who they are through the thoughts that they empower in their day-to-day lives.
Understanding how to receive the gifts from all of your life’s experiences whether those experiences were/are coming from a positive or negative place.
Michael will share with you tools that will empower you to be the master of your own experience.
Only $350 for the weekend, $300 if you register before March 2.
Email if you’re interested.