Energetically Sensitive Children

Why energetically sensitive children experience problems in today’s worldSamCooper

  • We are all part of a collective consciousness, which means that on an energy level we are all connected.
  • People are not taught about the human energy field and the fact that our thoughts determine how we link into the collective consciousness.
  • There is a great deal of fear in our world and it is reflected within the collective consciousness.
  • Whatever a child thinks about they link to on an energy level be it another person or events in the world.
  • Children are exposed to a lot of negativity through music, TV, movies, video games.
  • If a child plays a video game that glorifies war or violence they link on an energy level to all the energies in the collective consciousness that are engaged in those kinds of things.
  • If a child watches a TV program or movie that contains violent content they link to all the negative energies in the collective consciousness that relate to the subject matter of whatever they’re watching.
  • If a child reads a book that contains violent or negative subjects they will link to the collective consciousness on a level that reflects the content of the book.
  • If a child associates with other children who are in a very negative place they will be affected accordingly.
  • Children can be living in a loving environment in their homes yet still be affected in negative ways by the negativity within the collective consciousness if they do not know how to protect their own energy field from the negativity or negative thought forms that come from outside of their own consciousness.
  • Most children when they come into this world are wide open energetically. Over time though some of them will start shutting down energetically just as their parents have done in order to protect themselves from the negativity they feel and sense. The consequence of this is not only do they shut down to the negativity but they also shut down to their own light.
  • The energetically sensitive children will have great difficulty in shutting out the negativity they experience when there is no understanding for them on how to protect themselves from the negativity in the greater collective consciousness.