We all exist within a unified field of consciousness, implying a deep-seated connection at an energy level. Despite this profound interconnection, there’s a lack of education revolving around the human energy field and how our thought patterns can influence our connection to this collective stream of consciousness.

Presently, our society is permeated with fear, which vividly reflects in the collective consciousness, shaping a space brimming with negativity which children can inadvertently tap into. This occurs through various mediums such as music, TV shows, movies, and even the books they read, where a predilection for negative themes can forge a link to comparable energies prevailing in the collective consciousness.

For instance, when children engage with violent video games, they unknowingly align themselves with like energies that echo the negativity depicted in those virtual scenarios. Similarly, movies and television programs with violent narratives can draw them towards the respective energies resonating in the collective consciousness. Even reading materials with adverse subjects can facilitate a connection to the energetic frequencies that mirror the content they are engaging with.

Moreover, their associations and friendships play a pivotal role; interacting with peers harboring negative energies can have a consequent influence on them. Even when nestled in a nurturing home environment, children can find themselves grappling with external negativity if they lack the understanding and tools to shield their energy fields.

As children step into this world, they embody a vast openness to the energetic spectrum around them. However, as they grow and learn to navigate their surroundings, a portion begins to retract energetically, emulating their guardians’ defense mechanisms against pervasive negativity. This retracting process, albeit protective, also dims their inner light, creating a barrier against their inherent brightness.

For children with heightened energetic sensitivity, this world poses even more significant challenges. Without guidance on safeguarding themselves from the engulfing negativity in the broader collective consciousness, they find themselves vulnerable, unable to shield their radiant energies effectively. It is paramount to foster understanding and support, guiding them to nurture and protect their unique energetic compositions in a world navigating through dark and light energies.